About | Kamal Limited

Allow us to take you on a journey through time, a journey spanned over half a century of non-stop struggles, development and progress, a journey that has allowed us to prosper and emerge as a vertically integrated unit, a journey that enabled us to reach the pinnacle of success and ensured that we emerge as a family that is now known to the world today as Kamal Limited. It is a journey of who we are and how we reached here, of how a single spinning unit grew to become an entire series of successive operational pit stops from crop to stock production, that catered to a wide range of textile demands in order to meet the vast consumer needs. We are the purveyors of the finest quality of textile production, the yardstick that serves to measure the benchmark of technical perfection and high quality standards worldwide, we are the Kamal Limited.

With our inception in 1954 as a single spinning unit, today our infrastructure spans over 1.5million square feet in seven different locations whilst providing employment opportunities to over 8000 people across Pakistan. Our commitment to impeccable detail, market-competitive pricing, timely project completion and dedication to customer-satisfaction has enabled us to build a loyal clientele that believes in our ability to deliver nothing less than sheer excellence.



To be ‘the Top Choice of Consumer’ by meeting and exceeding Quality and Service Level Expectations.


To impact & better Life through Service & Pursuit of Excellence.

Why Choose Kamal Limited

This Vertical Integration from spinning of yarn to manufacturing of Home linen and Apparel. It packs the advantage of most competitive prices and control of quality at each stage. Our In-house facilities extends the advantage of complete control over quality and production process. We strive for on time deliveries. A long list of Satisfied Customers around the Globe bear testimony to Our Professionalism and Dedication. Kamal Limited also provides LDP (landed duty paid) products along with Replenishment quantities through our foreign offices; Sleepwell Inc. USA and Sleepwell Textile Ltd. UK. (Both of our foreign offices are EDI compatible)

Our strengths

  • Optimal Allocation and Aggressive Management of Resources
  • Four Generations of Category Experience
  • APTMA, PTA, PRGMEA Memberships and Associations
  • Full Vertical Integration
  • Optimal Lead Times
  • In-house Quality Assurance and Comprehensive Quality Control Systems
  • Social Compliance
  • Environment Compliance (Green Dyeing)
  • Certifications
  • Excellent After Sales Services and Premium Customer Relationship(s)